AIDA Projects provide short and long term positive gains to the community. In the short term, jobs are retained and created as a direct result of the company's investment, both directly and indirectly.  An expansion by a company provides lasting employment opportunities at that business while the investment, usually in the form of new construction or equipment, provides additional construction and supply jobs. 

Additionally, the community benefits from long-term new taxes that a project generates. While a tax benefit is provided as an incentive to encourage the investment, the company or developer begin to pay more taxes on the land and building than existed previously. AIDA projects never exempt any existing taxes that the taxing jurisdictions collect today. All exemptions are on the "value add" or new investment resulting from the project.  

For an example of how a typical AIDA projects work, please refer to the linked CASE STUDY.

Projects Currently Under Consideration And Recently Approved AIDA Applications:

Shatkin First


Amherst Alarm

5000-5010 Cover Letter
5000-5010 Application
5000-5010 Tourism Opinion Letter
Iskalo Main Street Economic Impact Study

Nidus Development

5933 Main Street
5933 Main Street - Supplement

6850 Main Street Partners LLC

Amberleigh Application
Amberleigh Market Study

10 Curtwright LLC - Ashton Potter

445 Creekside Drive - Warehouse/Flex Project

1955 Wehrle Drive - Lifetime Service

Millennia Housing Low/Mod Income Acquistion & Rehabilitation

Millennia Housing Tax Exempt Financing Application

Columbus McKinnon

Blackrock Inc.

1097 Group (Catalician Center Redevelopent)

Meyer Road Senior Housing

Hyatt Place Hotel - Iskalo Development

Senior Housing - MEL Partners


  • 80%

    Of New Jobs Created In the Region Have Been Created In Amherst Since 1980

  • $18 Million

    Property Taxes Generated Annually By Current and Past AIDA Projects

  • 48,000 Jobs

    New Jobs Created By Over 300 AIDA Projects