Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) are an important resource in the state's effort to revitalize and expand our economy. For the most part, IDAs are the lead economic development entity for the county, city or town in which they operate. IDAs serve as a conduit between the public and private sectors in influencing and encouraging the much needed capital investment that results in job creation and retention.

Since 1979, the Amherst Industrial Development Agency, working in consort with Town of Amherst, through its Comprehensive Master Plan, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, and the private sector business and development communities assisted over 400 projects representing capital investment of over $2.5 billion.

  • 80%

    Of New Jobs Created In the Region Have Been Created In Amherst Since 1980

  • $18 Million

    Property Taxes Generated Annually By Current and Past AIDA Projects

  • 48,000 Jobs

    New Jobs Created By Over 300 AIDA Projects